Grovemade Minimalist Belt

Minimalist Belt

Meet the Minimalist Belt, another example of how good design goes un-noticed. With any design exercise, it’s a process of subtraction cause it’s easier…

Pulse 80 Aquarium LumberJac

Pulse 80 Aquarium

Enjoy a little of the underwater world on land with the Cubic Pulse Aquarium. If you’re a seeker of the underwater ocean life…

Omnicharge 20 LumberJac

Omnicharge 20

Zeus would be jealous of the instant power that the Omnicharge 20 delivers. The Omnicharge 20, one of the smartest AC portable power…

Eric Nado Typewriter Guns

Typewriter Guns

Aim your sights on Eric Nado’s Typewriter Guns. A fellow Canadian based out of Quebec, Éric Nado has been perfecting his sculptural concepts…