HeatGear HeatStick

Heatgear HeatStick

Not your ordinary glow-stick! The HeatGear HeatStick caught our eye for being one of the most innovative products on the market. Originally designed for the military, the HeatStick uses a patented flame-less heating technology which heats from the inside-out. Talk about smart. The design allows you to hold and heat water at the same time, reducing your pack weight for more important items like, you know, beer. Seriously, this HeatStick means business. Able to handle any extreme conditions (-30C to +50C), you’ll be able to have boiling water to make your meals regardless of what’s going on outside. It features a high efficient heater, an all-weather igniter, built in pressure regulator and very handy thermal valve. This is definitely a heavy-weight contender wrapped up in a small package. So whether you’re an early morning riser who needs their joe on the go, a rock climber hunkered down for the night, or just running from the law, the HeatStick is a must-have gadget.