JetSam Spiffy Lumberjack Wallet

Jetsam LumberJack Wallet

For us, when it comes to wallets it doesn’t get any better than the JetSam Spiffy Lumberjack Wallet. We’re still in awe over these wallets, not just for the various stylish editions and patterns, but how, and what these wallets are made from. For JetSam founder and designer Laura Skelton it’s all about sustainability and being as eco-friendly as possible. All JetSam wallets are made from unwanted or discarded materials, such as end-run fabrics, cast-off clothing and vintage textiles. Specifically, the Spiffy Lumberjack edition features colorful plaids from reclaimed vintage shirts. The best part is you can change them like your wardrobe. Now all we need is a matching iPad case. Pick-up a few.