Wings + Horns Camouflage Jaquard Bush Pants

Wings plus Plus Horns Camouflage Jacquard Bush Pants

We’ve always liked Wings + Horns and their Canadian way, but they’ve really outdone themselves with these awesome Wings + Horns Camouflage Jacquard Bush Pants. We think that guys really get the short end of the stick when it comes to clothing design, however, these pants are the exception. The Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 2012 collection is inspired by the idea of freedom and aimless wandering of the nomadic peoples of central Asia through the application of a darker aesthetic. Although you’ll probably agree with us, trophy hunting in the savanna won’t be happening anytime soon. The subtle camo print looks amazing, coupled with a fitted leg, these pants will look great while at your work, or having drinks with your buds.