Zassenhaus Guatemala Coffee Mill

Zassenhaus Panama Coffee Grinder

Coffee’s up! Zassenhaus has been making mills since 1867, which is no small feat. What better way to enjoy the original flavor of your coffee beans than with the Zassenhaus Guatemala Coffee Mill. Manufactured in Germany, the Panama is constructed using high quality materials such as carbon and stainless steel surrounded by a wenge wood case. What I appreciate about this coffee grounder is its ability to perfectly grind coffee beans without burning them like traditional electric grinders. It’s unfortunate that people today are constantly on the go, having little or no time to appreciate the small things like a good cup of coffee. The Panama forces you to slow down and appreciate the whole coffee experience. There is nothing like a fresh fine brew first thing in the morning. The Panama grinder would work perfectly with the Stelton Coffee Press, a match made in coffee heaven. Thank-you Zassenhaus for merging traditional methods with modern materials, and once again making the coffee experience a regular tradition in our household. Buy em here.