Anglepoise Original 1227 Task Light

Anglepoise Original 1227

A sexy, relevant classic. The Anglepoise Original 1227 Task Light was designed in 1934 by George Carwardine. It started out with 4 springs, arms made of steel, and a tri-level base. Worried about public reaction to its industrial feel, Carwardine revised the design to use three springs. In 2009, Angelpoise celebrated 75 years of the original and re-issued the light using aluminum. What’s not to like about this light? It’s simple and stylish, a perfect balance of style and raw materials. When combined with its heavy base, Anglepoise created a desk lamp that is forever timeless. My one critique about this light is its plastic switch, however, this is a very minor issue. I recommend the chrome as it accents the machine-like-look of the light. This is one solid light that you will be grateful to own, and we’re sure that you will croak way before it does. Pick one up here.