BYOB Down Vest

nao BYOB down vest

Old worldly style, all wrapped in one contemporary look and feel. That’s how Nau approached this BYOB Down Vest. We would agree wholeheartedly with their vest description, making it one of our fall favorites. If we didn’t know any better, this vest would pass as a vintage piece rather than a modern remake. What impressed us most about this vest other than its style was their choice of responsible materials. The vest is crafted from post-consumer PET bottles, minimizing Nau’s dependency on petroleum products. And with its traceable 800 goose-fill, it can take on all urban adventures as well as function as a necessary base layer for any back-country trek. We sure appreciate when companies factor in the process rather then just focus on style. Nau, we give you two thumbs-up; way to take the whole process up a notch, leading the way in sustainably designed products.