Cricket Camper

Cricket Trailer

If those boxy, cheesy decal covered straight-out-of-the-70’s looking campers aren’t appealing to you, you may be in the market for the Cricket Camper. It’s not that the Cricket looks better, it’s designed to suit your outdoor lifestyle, whatever that may be. The outer shell is made from sustainable aluminum composite panels, provides an unprecedented degree of insulation without warping, mold or pesky formaldehyde fumes. The result is a durable, aerodynamic and ultra lightweight camper. The inside is packed with standard and optional features such as wide door for easy access, an additional hatch door for quick loading and unloading of your gear, seamless hide-away sink, 12V electrical system, hand shower, sloped floor drain, AC unit, refrigerator, water heater, roof rack, photovoltaic panels, storage batteries and much much more. These Crickets may not be for everyone, but if you need a camper that is versatile so one weekend you can be out mountain biking in the mud, and the next weekend out on beach with the family and your Kazuma surfboard, this may be right for you. These are custom made, so if you want one for next season, get in line and start the building process.