Del Toro Basso Wingtip Sneaker

Basso Wingtip Sneaker

A true soldier for the everyday grind. Welcome to the Del Toro Basso Wingtip Sneaker. This is a shoe we can really dig our heals into. (I know, bad pun) The Basso sneaker combines fine Italian suede with leather-lined interior and a navy margom sole, all had made in Italy. Those Italians know how to remake a classic! I would have never thought of combining a classic wingtip style with a camo sneaker. Let me tell ya, these shoes are unique. They’re the perfect combination of style and sophistication ready for that nonchalant jaunt around town, or that summertime backyard party. If style is the name of your game, these bad boys will demand a standing ovation (frig, did I just say that?).