Gyrofocus Fireplace by Focus

Gyrofocus by Focus

The world’s first pivotal suspended fireplace! Created in 1968, the Gyrofocus made history. Crafted by Dominique Imbert, this iconic 360 degree pivoting fireplace would forever change fireplace design. What an awesome accomplishment. The Gyrofocus Fireplace by Focus is as relevant today as when it was first sculpted by Imbert. It goes to show you that when something is designed right, it lasts a lifetime. What caught our eye is its wide and low cylindrical base that highlights the slim horizontal opening, revealing the warm glow from inside. This internationally renowned fireplace is held in high regards, and is featured in many prestigious museums including the Guggenheim, and Modern Art in Stockhom. What better way to warm your house with one of the “world’s most beautiful object”, when fall (especially for us northern folk), is just around the corner.