Pieps GlobalFinder Iridium GPS

Pieps GlobalFinder

In this day and age, we are so connected. I mean, how many times have you visited Facebook, updated your status, texted your friends, blogged in the last day or so? Now unless your Less Stroud and are winging it, wouldn’t it be cool to be in the middle of nowhere and share instantly with your group? Well, you can now. The Pieps GlobalFinder Iridium GPS is one unique GPS that does not require any GSM Coverage. The global coverage comes via an Iriduim connection that allows you to navigate (positioning, tracking, waypoint navigation), broadcast your actual position over a cost-free 800 MHz-ISM radio band, and call for help with a special emergency function, to name a few functions. One of the coolest feature that we dig is the LIVE-tracking. It allows real-time positioning via online maps such as Google earth. Pieps have done their homework on this little unique gadget, offing super-cool features, all while employing SuperSense®, a technology that uses minimal battery juice. All that is left up to you is finding that new location, and bragging about it in real-time. Get one here.