Temagami Knife by Helle

Temagami Knive by Helle

Leave it to Less Stroud (better known as survivor man) and Helle to perfect this century old accessory. The Temagami knife by Helle (updated for 2012) is crafted using a semi exposed tang (the metal portion that continues through the handle), providing protection from cold weather, as well as adding extra-strength that is associated with bush knives. A little known secret to their success is within the knife blade. Craftsman form the blade using a high-carbon core sandwiched between tough 18/8 stainless steel, protecting it from breakage and nasty corrosion. The Temagami is all sheathed in a specially tanned Scandinavian-style leather pouch that secures the knife without the need for snaps or straps. The handle is a thing of beauty. It utilizes curly birch wood that highlights the natural texture of the wood, and features a finger-guard that helps to prevent contact with the blade. It’s almost too nice to touch, well, maybe not. This little company from Norway began producing their knives over 80 years ago, and the are still mostly manufactured using traditional methods. Helles philosophy employs uncompromising quality using select materials, a quality that is so rarely employed these days. They have created a knife that we could see passing onto generations to come. Try one out here.