Birzman Bike Specialist Wrench Set

Birzman Specialized Tool Set

The Birzman Bike Specialist Wrench Set specializes in the joy of fixing your bike. Founder Lawrence Kuo wanted to do what Fisker did for garden/kitchen tools, and improve what is considered the best. The Bike Specialist Wrench set was designed to make the professional a lot more efficient, and the enthusiast a little more professional. I’ve had my fair share of bike repairs, and the Bike Specialist wrench set probably would have curbed the swearing, and replaced it with a whistled tune. The Wrench set is simple, ergonomic, and fits all major component brands.  Made of chromoly steel/TPR construction and modular extension, we totally get why they won the IF 2012 design award. If they continue in the direction they have started, watch out Park Tool! The mechanics might have a new best friend.