Flat Pack 15″ by Hard Graft

Flat Pack 15" by Hard Graft

Introducing the new Flat Pack 15″ by Hard Graft, a pack so slim you might forget you’ve packed it. Hard Graft continues to improve their products, although improvements are not needed. They’ve built on their previously learned knowledge, and have added simple inside pockets along with a new fully adjustable strap. We could see our self using this whenever a full pack isn’t required, allowing just enough room for a wallet, phone, charger, and of course, our 15″ MacBook Pro. Is there anything else required? As usual, the new Flat Pack 15″ is handmade in Italy using 100% uber-premium vegetable tanned Italian leather that uses natural ingredients by one of the most respected tanneries in Italy. Not many companies have that kind of heritage to back them up. In addition to their high quality leather, their waxed cotton canvas is not only durable and strong, it’s water repellent.