Model One Bluetooth Radio

Tivoli Audio Model One Bluetooth

Introducing the Model One Bluetooth Radio, one of the best tabletop radios, now with Bluetooth. I’ve always appreciated Tivoli products for their impeccable design and sound quality. Since the start Tivoli Audio had one goal, and that was to bring high quality simple-to-use products to the market at a fair price. The Model One Bluetooth Radio is no exception, and delivers on all levels. This model maintains Tivoli’s sleek lines without the visual interference of wires, never sacrificing the sound quality. Although Bluetooth is nothing new, it fits perfectly with Tivoli’s Audio concept, a match made in heaven. Finally, a sleek radio that eliminates those annoying birds nests that seem to appear out of nowhere. The Model One Bluetooth Radio allows you the freedom to take advantage of all your smart devices wirelessly. If we had our way, everything would be Bluetooth. Get yours here.