Pebble Carpet by Ksenia Stanshevski

Pebble Carpet by 2Form

The Pebble Carpet by Ksenia Stanshevski, as she says, is one “down-to-earth” inspired rug. I first saw this rug hanging in a local shop, and it caught my eye for its stunning life-like appearance. At first glance, it looked like actual rocks; upon further inspection I discovered it was made of wool. Boy, was I stunned. Stanshevski continues to challenge production techniques with each of her designs, and this carpet is no exception. Stanshevski has set out to re-define the modern rug, and there is no question she has succeeded. This handmade, pure, non-dyed wool rug is amazing, and captures the true essence of river rocks. So if you dig the look of rocks, and need a little the outdoors, inside, this rug is a perfect fit. Order yours here.