Branch Coat Hanger

Authentics Coat & Hat Hanger

The Branch Coat Hanger turns your wall into a functional sculptural art piece. We luv’ it when unused space is turned into something that can be utilized on a daily basis. Urban space is a premium in many homes, and what better way to take advantage of that. The Branch Coat Hanger is a natural choice. Hand-turned from solid oak, the Branch Coat Hanger was inspired by the aesthetics of the turned legs and spindles of a Windsor chair. Designed by Harry Parr-Young for Authentics, he totally succeeded in creating a unique, timeless accessory that will enhance any space, maximizing its full potential. Use one, or a pair of them; the options are plentiful, leaving it up to you to create a simple masterpiece to call your own. We recommend the black, however, you can pick from the three finishes here.