Screwdriver Set by Elemen’tary Design

Elementary Screwdriver Set

The Screwdriver Set by Elemen’tary Design brings a whole new level of craftsmanship to the workbench. These screwdrivers were originally designed in London by a cabinetmaker that desired a higher quality ergonomic tool set that was simple and comfortable. The handles are crafted from beech wood, and then expertly finished using Linseed oil. These tools will naturally darken and age with use, adding to their character and uniqueness. We value the simple design, quality craftsmanship, and use of natural materials. Combined with the well-designed packaging, Elemen’tary Design has thought of it all.  With Christmas right around the corner, we hope Santa will be coming down the chimney, doing a few repairs, and leaving us with a great screwdriver set. Get your hands on one here.