Guv’nor Bike

Pashley Guv'nor

Nothing has the same stately presence like the Guv’nor Bike. If 30’s racer is your thing, then look no further than the Guv’nor by Pashley. This hand-built beauty combines a classic and relaxed style, but equipped the way we like it with modern day components. Many bikes these days have no character, often built overseas to save money, but not this one. Pashley uses traditional lugged fittings that are brazed to a Reynolds 531 frame. Oh how we miss the long-lost feel of a good steel bike! The Guv’nor comes equipped with either a single speed 42/18, or a three speed Sturmey Archer XRD hub; enough to get you around town, but not ideal for those long, arduous hill climbs. Let’s be honest, this bike is for pure pleasure. The Guv’nor is a bike sure to leave you with a grin, and a perfectly reliable companion to get you from pub to pub.