77|011 Metropolitan Bike

77.011 Metropolitan Bike by Rizoma

Feast your eyes on the 77|011 Metroplitan Bike, one sick urban commuter. We’ve seen a lot of new bike design, but nothing as slick as the 77|011 by Rizoma. Everything about this bike means business, and looks like it was carefully designed with every detail serving a purpose. There are so many features about this bike that are masterfully created. The frame is as good as anywhere to start. The unique design of the frame flows naturally, as if it was designed by the wind itself. This design was achieved by using a Monobloc Carbon Frame. The crank looks as if it was inspired by an arrow, creating a stunning visual that is often overlooked in bike design. And lastly, the Billet aluminum handlebar integrates the stem all into one piece.  There are so many meaningful design details to discuss about the 77|011 we can’t fit them all in one post. Check it out for yourself and let us know on Facebook what you love or just get one here.

7711 Metropolitan Bike by Rizoma