Mojo UFO Tent

Sierra designs Mojo UFO Tent

Introducing the Mojo UFO tent that keeps it light when every pound counts. Made of cuben fiber, this tent weighs in under 2 pounds, but costs as much as a mortgage payment. Despite the hefty price tag, I could see this ingenious tent appealing to many back-country enthusiasts. What we found integrating about the design was the integrated body and fly, use of Easton Carbon for the poles, and appropriate ventilation. Available in January 2013, the Mojo UFO will be available in limited quantities, but we can’t wait to read the user reviews based on different conditions and climates. We’re curious how the tent will withstand a serious windstorm, or heavy sleet and rain.  Props to Sierra Designs for pushing the boundaries of tent design that is sure to encourage the competition to do the same. Get em here.