North Shore Bike Rack

North Shore Racks 4-Bike Rack

The hunt for that perfect bike rack has ended with North Shore Racks. North Shore Racks have a unique design that hang the mountain bikes vertically with the front wheel and handle bars turned. By mounting the bikes in a vertical fashion, the bikes can be mounted closely without any rubbing. This unique design allows for quick and efficient mounting right out of the box. Features include an adjustable height system (fits almost every vehicle), anti-slope device included to eliminate hitch play, layback for quick access to hatch or trunk, and a locking anti-rattle hitch pin. If you’re not using the rack it folds up and out of the way. Available in 2, 4, and 6-bike rack systems. Designed and made for mountain bikes, not compatible with fork mounted fenders and most road bikes. Order one here.