Camouflage Panel Flannel B.D Shirt

Camouflage Panel Flannel B.D Shirt by Sophnet

Introducing the Camouflage Panel Flannel B.D shirt by Sophnet, a perfect lumberjack match. Companies these days are pushing the boundaries of materials, finding new and interesting ways to combine textures and colors that have an outside relationship and meaning. The Camouflage Panel Flannel B.D Shirt succeeds by producing a remake of the classic by introducing a distinct camo pattern vertically on either side. Made of 100% cotton, the camo/flannel combination creates a unique shirt that is not only functional, but stylish. This is definitely a must for calling ducks, or hangin’ around the campfire (don’t get too close, cause’ you wouldn’t want your pricey investment go up in flames!). Get one here.