Inova X5 LED Flashlight

Inova X5 Lithium LED Flashlight

The Inova X5 LED Flashlight isn’t the brightest, smallest, or strongest; but it’s one of the longest run time, all-round solid lights you’ll find. On high (31 lumens), this light will last approximately 17 hours; and on low (6 lumens), it will last just over 85 hours. Powered by two lithium batteries, the X5 has an amazing 10-year shelf life. The X5 is made with anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, 5 high-powered LED lights, and O-Ring seals for water-resistance. Measuring in at just over 12 cm by 2.2 cm, it has an effective light range of about 40 m, and is available in either black or titanium.

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