Handpresso Wild Hybrid

Handpresso wild Hybrid

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid brings fresh brewed coffee wherever you are. We like our coffee, and nothing beats a fresh cup first thing in the morning. We just hate instant coffee, but most times it gets used because it’s quick. I know when camping you’re supposed to be roughing it, but come on, if you had the chance to have a freshly pressed coffee, you’d be all over it! I’ve even attempted to bring portable plunger pots, and even once an electric coffee maker. Although the plunger coffee was successful, it still was a pain to clean. The Handpresso is an ingenious idea that eliminates the need for those cumbersome coffee makers. The Handpresso uses E.S.E pods, or ground espresso coffee in a simple, light and compact package that produces a high quality espresso shot. The best thing with the Handpresso is that it needs no battery, no electricity, and it’s perfect for that backcountry excursion, or just as comfortable car camping.

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