RockShox Vivid and Vivid Air

RockShox Vivid Air

Are you good enough for the new Rockshox Vivid and Vivid-Air? These new Vivid rear shocks were originally rumored to be sold exclusively to “pro-riders only”, which would be absolute corporate suicide, but it worked amazingly from a marketing perspective. Marketing aside, 95 percent of all riders lack the balls and skills to push their shocks to the limits, let alone the new Vivids. If you fall into the elusive 5 percent, you’ll take advantage of a few signature features. The Counter Measure technology reduces inertia in the shock, and transforms small bumps into maximum wheel traction performance. Have the best of both worlds with the the Dual Flow system; this system is an adjustable dual-independent damping circuit so you can absorb those massive hits while staying plush on the small stuff. If weight is a concern, you’ll want to stock up with the Vivid Air, as this bad boy weighs in at a mere 530 g (excluding hardware). Available in May. Check em out.