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TYVEK Basic Parka

Tyvek Basic Parka

The TYVEK Basic Parka takes synthetic fibers to a whole new state. TYVEK isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for clothing material, but the designers at UEG have utilized it in with their multi-faceted fashions. The Tyvek Basic Parka takes its inspiration from your basic hoodie, a draw string from a classic parka becomes the basis for the windrunner collection. We dig the sleek lines that remind us of a cycling jacket. Everything about their design retains meaning. Their whole lineup focuses on a part of society that we unfortunately belong to; to use and throw away. Tyvek is a fabulous synthetic material that is thin, very strong, as well as highly breathable; making it the perfect material for that summer jacket. We like EAGs whole series, making it dificult to choose which one we like the best, but I’m sure you’ll agree that whatever you decide upon, you won’t be disappointed. Size one up here.