1940s N.O.S. Canteen

1940s NOS Canteen

Old becomes new with the 1940s N.O.S. Canteen. Every once and a while a classic items re-appears, and usually in not-so-new shape. The folks at Bench & Loom have managed to get their hands on these fantastic original New Old Stock canteens. To imagine that these babies where used on a deadly battlefield and proven to be just as strong is amazing. These retro canteens are made of genuine enameled steel with a real cork stopper topped with Natural wool and hand-sewn covering plus straps made of  military-grade cotton canvas. This is one canteen that will stand up to the rigors of the back-country. Manufactured in the UK, you can be sure that this functional water holder is one unique canteen that has a proven history. There are limited quantities, so hurry and get em here.