Arco Deskbox

If space is an issue, the Deskbox has you covered. As our lives get more complicated, we often overlook the fact that the simpler ideas are often the most effective. Designed by Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay, the Deskbox by Arco is a perfect example of furniture that is not only sexy, but also doubles as functional workspace. Often people tend to “go big or go home”, even if the job at hand only requires a simple idea. The Deskbox is a cabinet/table/desk and includes all the features that larger desks luv’ to brag about. Made in the Netherlands, the Deskbox is manufactured using computer technology along with traditional craftsmanship, and combines an epoxy lacquered steel base and a solid oak wood top. We are blown away by this simple solution and its ability to functionally make the most out of the space at hand. Choose a finish that suits you and get one here.

Arco Deskbox Closed