Sögreni Bell

Sogreni Bell

Let yourself be heard with the Sogreni Bell. I’ve seen and heard my fair share of bells on the trail, but I can assure you that nothing looks less like a bell then the Sogreni Bell. The Sogreni is one simple and sexy bell that lives up to Sogreni’s mantra; make simple things that work – and look good at the same time. The Sogreni Bell is a perfect example of how they approach every design problem with the same thought and care, no matter how big our small. With this bell design they have reduced the design to a simple flat disk, leaving the traditional donut shape bells for the couch lovers. Like all of their works, this Danish company hand makes each bell in limited quantities, utilizing materials such as copper, brass, or steel; and is guaranteed not to rust. We are very impressed with Sogreni’s design values, producing hands-down one of the best looking bells we’ve seen to date. Get em here.

Sogreni Bell detail