Solio Classic 2 Solar Charger + Alva LED Light Kit

Solio Classic 2SolarCharger + Alva LED Light Kit

Camp life will always shine bright with the Solio Classic 2 Solar Charger + Alva LED Light Kit. There is nothing that we like better than camping, but our dependancy on batteries can become a bit of a nuisance. The Classic 2 Solar Charger and Alva LED Light Kit is the perfect combo that sheds a little light with the power of the sun behind it. The Alva LED light is one bright idea, with an output of 25 lumens; and with its 3m long cord, you can hang it anywhere adding enough light for your campsite, backyard, or just about anywhere you can think of. With the addition of the solar charger; a 3,200m Ah lithium ion battery charges in 8-10 hrs, and you get a 15 hour long run time. You can purchase the light or the solar charger separately, but we could easily see you using both camping, on fishing trips, or simply around the cabin. Get em here.