Light Wing Tyvek Paper Shoes

Light Wing Tyvek Shoes

The Light Wing Tyvek Paper Shoes are one of the lightest shoes you’ll ever lace up. We’ve seen a few attempts at Tyvek shoes, but nothing has impressed us as much as the Light Wing by Unbelievable Testing Laboratory. Their purpose wasn’t just to use Tyvek cause’ it was cool and different, they utilized Tyvek to design and create one of the lightest shoes available today. Tyvek is one of those super materials that is comfortable, super light weight, water resistant, recyclable, and virtually indestructible. The Light Wing is the result of over 200 prototypes, thousands of rubber tests, and 15 months to perfect. These aren’t just shoes you wear on rare occasions to impress your date, these are daily commuters that are meant to be laced up daily. Get em here.