Cross Blanket Review

Cross Blanket

A few months ago we did an initial review on the Cross Blanket. We loved the design so much we decided to conduct an in-depth, no-nonsense product review.

Initial Thoughts
Upon first opening the package sent from Sweden containing the Cross Blanket I was impressed with the weight of the blanket, it certainly has a substance you would not find with a cheap imposter. When I touched the blanket it actually has the feel of a wool blanket, a texture that has a bit of coarseness and depth that is reminiscent of the blankets we would use as children curled up next to our wood-burning fireplace during a freezing winter night. I wonder if designer Pia Wallen found inspiration in her choice of materials from similar childhood memories. I was excited to put the blanket to use; when else would I be tasked with napping and curling up with a great new blanket, this is one assignment I could seriously get into.

Cross Blanket Detail

Detailed Inspection
I think my favorite feature of the cross blanket is the oversized cream colored stitching that hugs the edges of the blanket. On the grey side, the stitching is straight, similar to the rungs of a ladder. On the cream side, the stitching is zigzagged, invoking images of mountain peaks or tents. I like this nuanced detail, this is the kind of detailing that makes me love well-designed products. Overlooked by some, these details are why I gravitate towards products that are manufactured with careful consideration and respect for good design. I could easily see this blanket useful in any room of the house, cabin, and any camping trip could benefit from the comfort of the Cross Blanket. I could easily see this blanket useful in the bedroom, and especially any couch where blankets and movies are like ebony and ivory.

Cross Blanket Detail

In Use
I thought it would be pertinent to test the wash-ability of the blanket, as instructed by the manufacturer. As we all know, all linens and blankets are prone to getting dirty, whether it’s a spilled cup of coffee or glass of scotch, pet hair that seems to imbed itself despite repeated instructions NOT to lye on the sofa, and the rarely talked about droll that is the only evidence of a glorious Sunday afternoon nap. Like many consumers, I’m always hesitant the first time I wash a great new product, I wonder if the dyes will run and change the integrity of the color; or if the washing will distort the products shape. The washing instructions are clearly labeled, wash at 30 degrees, do not put in the dryer and iron on low heat. I put the blanket on the delicate cycle and was surprised to find that the weight of the wet blanket caused my washer to stop twice. I could easily re-distribute the weight of the blanket to finish the cycle, but this just demonstrates how “hearty” the blanket is, a quality that enables it to provide great warmth. After washing, I did put it on the delicate cycle in my dryer (low heat, 45 minutes) just to get some of the water out and finished drying on an indoor clothesline. Despite cheating and using the dryer, the blanket washed and dried well, I had limited shrinkage, and did not notice any dye transfer from the grey to the white. I’m happy to report that the blanket passed the wash test.

Cross Blanket Detail

Final Thoughts
I really like how the Pia Wallen blanket can work well in multiples situation; it fits just as well on a couch as it does next to the campfire. I found the blanket to be surprisingly warm, which is exactly what I was hoping for. If used on a queen-sized bed, I found the blanket to be a touch small. All in all, I’m really impressed with the Pia Wallen Cross Blanket and can easily see generations of LumberJacs curled up by the fire with this great product. Get em here.

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