Factor Vis Vires Road Bike

Factor Vis Vires

Introducing the Factor Vis Vires Road Bike, a technological masterpiece. If you think about road bike technology and design, it hasn’t changed significantly since its inception; well, that’s about to change. The Factor Vis Vires all began in 2007 by influential bf1 systems, a visionary firm who were an influential force in developing electrical, composite, and hardware for the automative and aerospace sector. In fact, they revolutionized F1 racing and such super cars as Buggatti and Austin Martin, definitly one impressive resume! The Factor Vis Vires employes, through various custom components, a complete high-tech integrated electrical system that allows riders to monitor and improve their riding technique like never before. Bringing this technical know-how to bikes will certainly challenge the status quo in a somewhat stagnent bike design industry! Pre-order your limited addition first run here.

Factor Vis Vires Detail