ICON Toyota FJ44 - lumberjac.com

Get your hands on a sought after custom built FJ44 from renowned ICON builders. The FJ44 is hand built to perfection with no detail overlooked. It starts with a 5-speed manual transmission V8 producing 420 hp / 470 tq, locking front and rear differentials, sport brakes, full roll cage, heated seats that are covered with Chilewich fabric, frame-mounted roof rack with ladder, BF Goodrich mud tires, removable doors, and many more features. This ICON FJ44 is packed full of 4 x 4 heritage, but is as relevant today as the first day the FJ came onto the scene. Bench & Loom is offering a rare opportunity to avoid the typical 18 month waiting list to purchase this ultimate 4 x 4 machine. Find out more details about the FJ44 here.