Lifesaver JerryCan

Lifesaver JerryCan -

Leave your dirty tap water at home and filter (sans chemicals) base-camp sized clean drinking water on the fly with the Lifesaver JerryCan. Not only does the Lifesaver JerryCan filter water, it utilizes technology that filters down to 15 nanometers or 0.015 microns (smallest virus, polio, measures in at 25 nanometers). This JerryCan will save the hassle of hauling full water jugs into camp. This isn’t so much of a concern if you’re car camping, but if you’re hiking two hours in, you’ll be wishing an empty Lifesaver JerryCan was strapped to your pack. The Lifesaver also features a shower attachment that produces a flow rate of 3 liters per minute allowing for crystal clean dish rinses and showers. Get one here.