Lost and Found Tile

Introducing the Tile, never lose your gear, keys, wallet, or bike again. The Tile is a low energy bluetooth lost and found tracking device. It’s true bluetooth technology only has a range of 100 feet, but Tile’s strength is in numbers. If one of your items goes missing beyond the 100-150 foot range, Tile will send out a signal that puts other Tile apps on the search for your missing item. If someone who is running the Tile app comes within range of lost item, the Tile app will send you a notification of its location. If your lost item is within the 100 foot range, you can “ring” your lost item so it’s easier to locate. Each Tile last about a year, so once the internal battery runs low, you’ll be notified to update your Tile. The Tile is small enough that you can attach it to one of your keys, slide one in your wallet, or attach to your dog’s collar.

Available on Amazon.

Tile Detail