Nokero Shavano Pro Light Bulb

Nokero Shavano Pro

Introducing the Nokero Shavano Pro Light Bulb, lighting the way using the sun as inspiration. Whether it’s back country adventures, camping, or just a night out fishing, it’s always nice to have something to light the way. Nokero developed the all-in-one LED light to create an affordable yet high quality and environmentally-friendly solar based tech that is easily accessible to everyone. The Shavano Pro light, seen on the left, comes with a solar panel, rechargeable battery, efficient powerful LED light, and is available with an optional stand seen on the Crestone model to the right. With a run time of 10 hours, 31 lumens on high, and an operating temp ranging from 55 degrees C to -20 degrees C, this portable little bright light uses state of the art materials creating one waterproof tool. Get em here.