Squirrel Colugo Wingsuit

Squirrel Colugo Wingsuit - lumberjac.com

If you have the balls for big mountain cliff jumping you may want to consider strapping on a Squirrel Colugo Wingsuit. This suit is designed to dive and carve at high speeds and low angles of attack. Base jumping may not be the safest thing to do, but the Colugo was originally conceived to be the safest or less dangerous wing suit on the market by developing a super clean pull system and easy access to your brake toggles. The Colugo starts fast, is highly agile, but also give you the power to pull out of your terrain flying dives when things get sketchy. The Colugo may be designed for intermediate to expert divers big mountain terrain jumpers but also works perfectly for skydiving and training sessions. Measure up and order one from the Squirrel site.