Indigo Bamboo Snowboard

Introducing the Indigo Bamboo Snowboard. This board may be a few years old, but it’s just as impressive today as when it first hit the market nearly ten years ago. We’ve seen a bunch of bamboo snowboards over the years, but nothing has come close to the craftsmanship and design of the Indigo.The bamboo snowboard concept has always been a bit of a contradiction for us, but it’s actually a perfect material for boards. Sustainable, durable, flexible, and hard as hell. The Indigo Bamboo board is designed for all-terrain freeriding, but I’m sure it will withstand anything you throw at it. The Indigo is constructed with a bamboo core in carbon glass composite, and protected with stainless steel tips. Available through Indigo’s online shop.

November 8, 2013  |  Cargo, Snow Board  |  , ,  |  Share

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