Indigo Vanguard Shirt

Indigo Vanguard Shirt - LumberJac

The Indigo Vanguard Shirt by Outerboro is always up for anything, no matter what you throw at it. Designed to move, stretch, and withstand spills of all types. This ultra minimal shirt is suitable for anything from those long drawn-out client presentations, to your end of day ride home, to those action packed weekends. The Vanguard is made with a stretchy cotton/Lycra and nylon/spandex mix that is treated with a DuPont Teflon stain resistant fabric protector. This shirt may not be the most sustainable piece in your wardrobe but you’ll be spending a whole lot less on that dry cleaning bill. The Vanguard also features a vented back yoke, double needle top stitching, and ultra-durable elbow panels that stretch with ease. Size one up at the Outerboro site.