Mo’Better x Fillmore Pants

Mo'Better x Fillmore Pants - LumberJac

Hit the hills in style with a pair of Mo’Better x Fillmore Pants. It’s bad enough that most ski and board pants all look the same, but they’re meant for the hill. We’re lazy creatures and all guilty of strutting our stuff in the village after a long day on the hill. Fillmore understands our lazy habits and have designed a pair of board pants you can actually wear off the hill. Not only do they feature custom printed lining, hidden leg pockets, zippered jean pockets, and custom Japanese styled snaps, they’re actually warm. These Mo’Better collaboration pants are made with a wool/poly blend fabric that is waterproof, breathable, durable, and you’ll love to hear this…stain resistant. The Mo’Better Pants are only available in limited number so get them while your size is still available.

Mo'Better Japan x Fillmore Pants - LumberJac