Rikio Spike Boot

Jika-Tabi Rikio Spike Boot - LumberJac

Embrace your inner ninja with the Jika-Tabi Rikio Spike Boot. Jika-Tabi simply put is a Japanese worker boot. With a long standing history, they became a force to be reckon with in the late Meiji Period; worn by farmers, painters, and other workers. Designed to be sleek and comfortable (after all, they where original a workers boot), they incorporate a unique spit-toe feature which enhances the comfort and stability. The Rikio Spike boot takes this tradition one step further creating a boot designed for rough terrain. Made using 100% cotton with a heavy-duty black rubber sole, the Rikio offers one of strongest boots available. Our fascination with ninjas goes far back, so now you can go all crouching tiger on your friends. Get em here