TSL Symbioz Snowshoes

TSL Symbioz Snowshoes - LumberJac

Let us introduce the TSL Symbioz Snowshoes, the first snowshoe that adapts to your personal footprint. Now that winter is officially here, we’re pumped to get out and lay some fresh tracks down. We’ve had our fair share of snow adventures, and there is nothing more annoying than a clunky snowshoe that tries to be something it isn’t. The TSL Symbioz snowshoes offers the very first composite snowshoe that naturally flexes with each step. The unique design not only adapts to the surface below, the superior lightness also gives your feet freedom. Made in France, The Symboiz come with carbon inserts, fully adjustable bindings. and independent claws that are sure to grip like a cat can climb. Like we’ve said it before, we totally dig it when old ways are tromped all over, paving the path for innovation that leads the way for the future. Be the first and get em here.