Benchmade 9170 Auto Triage Knife

Benchmade 9170 Auto Triage Knife - LumberJac

Be prepared for anything with the Benchmade 9170 Auto Triage Knife. The 9170 is the next generation of Benchmade’s 915/916, EMTs and First Responder’s tool of choice. The major difference between the predecessor is the quick auto release function of the blade and rescue hook, the handle design, and placement of the rescue hook. What we like most about this knife is the super sharp drop-point blade style that is durable as hell, and the built in rescue hook. Once the blade is open the access auto lock firmly holds the blade in place without any front to back or side to side play. When closed a safety lock switch will keep the blade from auto releasing in your pocket. The 9170 also features a carbide glass breaker and a deep pocket carrying clip. Made with N680 highly corrosion resistant steel that is fairly easy to sharpen, and a tough grippy anodized aluminum handle. Available in black or orange. Get one here.