Classic Toolbox by Loll Designs

Classic Toolbox by Loll Designs - LumberJac

The Classic Toolbox by Loll Designs will probably long outlast the tools it holds. This timeless box is made of 100% recycled plastic material the won’t rust, corrode, crack, or break-down. We try not to support too many virgin plastic products, but Loll Designs utilizes 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sourced from those throw-away milk jugs. I’ve always wondered where they go once recycled. HDPE is also known for its longevity and durability. Loll’s whole approach to manufacturing is about leaving as little impact on our world as possible, from how they make their products, to what it’s made of, to the type of energy they purchase, and the programs they support. Made in the USA, these toolboxes are available in a complete range of color options and available through Loll’s online store.

Loll Toobox colors - LumberJac