D16 Cinema Camera

D16 Cinema Camera by Digital Bolex - LumberJac

Step into the limelight with the new D16 Cinema Camera. Video cameras these days have lost a lot of the swagger, are often hard to carry, designed to be cheap, and made to look even cheaper. The D16 Cinema Camera by Digital Bolex combines all the vintage style with the best digital technology. As with all Bolex products (some of the most sought after video cameras in the world), it features a Super 16mm sized sensor which captures video in its RAW format, allowing for fully uncompressed footage with no artifacts. The design uses a pistol grip that fits nicely in the palm of your hand, emulating the feel of a traditional 16mm camera. Any camera that offers a pistol grip and makes me feel like I’m a pro is alright in my books. If you’re like us and like to shoot like a pro, then you might just want to check this baby out.

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