Cross Tie Bike Rack

Cross Tie Bike Rack - LumberJac

Who needs a wall to mount your bike when you can hang it on a portable tree? Meet the Cross Tie Bike Rack. We’ve seen many wall mount and shelf mount bike racks, but nothing that is self standing like this Cross Tie rack. Over-built is an understatement when materials designed for 180,000 pound rail cars are used to hang a couple 40 pound mountain bikes. Perfect for a loft or those open spaces where walls are at a minimum, or taken up by windows. The Cross Tie Bike Rack is made from oak, hickory, beech, maple, cherry, or elm that had a lifelong goal of being a cross-tie until their imperfections were revealed. Rail Yard Studios takes these rejects and gives them a new career, and frankly a much better life.

Available in a few configurations and can be ordered through Rail Yard Studio’s online store.