Crovel Extreme II

Crovel Extreme II - LumberJac

I think I’ve just met the toughest multi-tool to date, introducing the new Crovel Extreme II. This is not even comparable to that flimsy fold-out shovel you have stashed away in your truck. This is a true multi-tool that is designed and built to last in the most extreme situations. The Crovel can be used as a shovel, pick axe, saw, axe, hammer, crowbar, chisel, spike, and a trusty ol’ bottle opener. If you need something destroyed, you can count on the Crovel. The shovel head is made with 4140 hardened Chromoly Alloy and hardened Chromoly Alloy wings that are welded front and back. The hollow 14″ steel handle is wrapped with 15 ft of 550 paracord and can easily store a survival kit, flashlight, knife, or whatever you’ll need in an emergency. If you’re still not impressed, check out the Crovel in action.

Made in the USA and available through Gear Up’s online store.