Shadow Bike Rack by Quarterre

Shadow_rackShadow Bike Rack by Quarterre - LumberJac

Who needs walls when you have the Shadow Bike Rack by Quarterre. Wall mounted bike racks are great if you use your bike once a week, but if you’re a daily rider the only thing mounted on that wall rack is probably an old frame and your bike is leaning against the hallway wall. Your walls will thank you once you get the Shadow, and so will your room mate. This stylish rack doesn’t need a wall nor ceiling, just a clear space near the corner. The Shadow is made from a single piece of folded steel and finished with a leather trim tip. The high-friction base design keeps the bike perfectly balanced, and will fit most bikes and tire sizes with the exception of those fatbikes you’ve been seeing more of these days.

Available through Quarterre’s online store.